Black Dog Studios was founded in 1998 by Mike Linville in the back of a construction company warehouse. In the years since we have worked in many different industries with some really fantastic individuals. No matter where we were or what we were doing we always focused on creating long-lasting relationships with our clients.

As the years went by we started to see one consistent element rear its ugly head time and time again. Just like construction contractors, everybody has a “bad web developer” story. Unfortunately, this isn’t a stereotype and it is more prevalent than you would think. After 10+ years of coming in after the fact and cleaning up the messes of hundreds of other developers we had a breakthrough. This has to stop. People are getting taken advantage of by poor developers and we don’t like it. Enter “Responsible Design”.

Responsible Design

“Responsible Design” is a term that we coined for how we do business. As web site developers and online marketers, we have a responsibility to our clients.


A responsibility to educate clients when there are questions.


A responsibility to listen and understand before we comment.


A responsibility to understand clients needs come up with an efficient / creative way to help.


A responsibility to use our marketing, design and development expertise to offer the highest quality solutions to our clients.

Sometimes this isn’t the most popular approach, but it is in the truth that long-term relationships are forged.
Goal-oriented, result-driven design … Expect nothing less from your team.

Ready to make a lasting impression with your website and take your business to the next level?