Checklist: Is Your Website User Friendly?

Have you ever been to a website that you just couldn’t figure out? Maybe you couldn’t find their products, or just couldn’t figure out how to “get around”. Sometimes people will design a site so that it looks pretty, but don’t consider how the site actually functions.

It is of the utmost importance to consider user experience when creating a website. What exactly does that mean? It means you need to think about how people will be using your website.

The Checklist

We made this simple checklist to help you evaluate the user-friendliness of your website. You can either download our fun graphical checklist, or just use the plain text version. Click one of the images below to get a copy for yourself!

Graphic Checklist

Plain Text Checklist

What To Do

Download our checklist and print it out! Go through your entire site as if you were a visitor. Can you find your way around easily? Is everything clear, organized, and easy to find? It shouldn’t feel like you are on a scavenger hunt!

If you don’t have at LEAST 3/4 of these boxes checked, it is time to consider a redesign. Your website reflects your business. You want to make sure it is representative of how awesome you are!

What’s Next?

So, maybe you just found out that your website kind of sucks. Not to fear! At least now you know, and can do something about it (and seriously, you better). Lucky for you there are tons of resources and web development firms out there that can help!

Let Us Know

Was this checklist helpful? What did you learn about your site? Let us know in the comments below!

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