8 Ways To Boost Facebook Engagement

Are you in this situation? You are consistently putting out good content, making a valiant effort to keep your Facebook page updated, and STILL no one seems to be responding to your posts.

Ask Yourself

What value do your fans get from your Facebook page? If it isn’t much, that’s probably why people aren’t engaging. People visit and engage with pages that show them some kind of benefit. Why would they have a reason to engage if there is no positive outcome to doing so? And I don’t just mean material “stuff”. Value can be an emotional/mental benefit or a tangible one.

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1. Build Your Audience

If you are getting low amounts of likes, shares, and comments, odds are you haven’t done the ground work to build a strong community around your Facebook page. So, first things first – are you even talking to anyone? If you have a really tiny fan base, you should work on building it up before you spend a lot of time focusing on content and increasing engagement. One of the most important factors in increasing engagement is creating community around your Facebook page. You can’t expect a ton of engagement if it all falls on deaf ears.

2. Research

Know your fans! Take advantage of the stats Facebook provides you with at the top of your admin panel. They aren’t just there to be an obnoxious waste of space. They are extremely helpful if you actually use them. Some things to consider:

  • When are your fans on Facebook?
  • Try posting at different times of the day, and figure out what days and times get you the most views and engagement.

  • What kind of content do they respond to?
  • Try posting different types of content and see what kind gets the best reaction. Test and analyze! This will help you put together a schedule for posting that will be the most effective.

3. Evoke Emotion

Evoking emotion usually elicits a response. Hopefully you have a good idea about what kind of issues your target audience cares about. Play that stuff up!

Make them laugh, make them aww, make them THINK (just don’t make them mad).

4. Use Visuals

I cannot stress this fact enough: People are visual creatures. We are driven and captivated by images. Use this to your advantage. People are more likely to have their attention pulled by an image than text. We are so surround by text all the time, our brains have been programmed to ignore a good deal of it.

5. Give Stuff Away

It’s the oldest trick in the book, for a reason. It works. This is the easiest way to show that being a fan of your page provides some kind of value. We all love instant gratification. Hold a contest, offer free samples, give out secret coupon codes, do a monthly giveaway, whatever! You don’t have to spend a ton of money either, people just love free stuff.

6. Let them in

Make your fans feel like they are part of your team. You can do this by highlighting your employees, featuring cool aspects of your office, or whatever. Just give them a window into what goes on behind the Facebook page.

This allows your fans to connect with you on a more personal level. It help to humanizes your Facebook page. Showing personal details changes your Facebook page from a static “thing” being fed content from robots to a team of real, breathing, and in our case, super nerdy people.

We wear the nerd badge proudly … show your fans exactly who you are!

7. Less Is More

Keep your posts short and to the point. For most people, time is scarce commodity. Your fans are more likely to actually read and ultimately engage with a post that short and sweet. No one wants to read some huge paragraph. That’s and intimating amount of text for Facebook. Use it as an opportunity to see more by linking to an elaboration on the post!

8. Try Crowdsourcing

What is crowd sourcing you ask? Well, let me tell you.

Jeff Howe defined it as:

“a new pool of cheap labor: everyday people using their spare cycles to create content, solve problems, even do corporate R & D.”

So again, what is crowdsourcing you ask? In plain English, crowdsourcing is when you ask your community (or Facebook fans in this case) to offer their ideas for how you might solve a problem or address an issue. This is not only a free way to get some invaluable feedback, but it also makes your fans feel like their opinions and thoughts matter to you.

For example – Vitamin Water created an app called “FlavorCreator” that asked its Facebook fans to choose a new flavor.

Okay so the app they created is U-L-G-Y and verging on creepy, but it was extremely successful in engaging their fan base. They ended up calling the new flavor “connect” .. those clever clever water pushers.

Your fans have great ideas. Why should you listen to them? Because they are your target market! Who knows better about what they want, and the problems they have, then THEM. Take advantage of your crowd. They know best.

Tell Us

What kind of post got you the largest amount of engagement? Was it an image? A contest? Let us know in the comments below!

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