6 Tips For Revamping Your Website’s About Page

Most people, myself included, find it awkward or uncomfortable to talk about themselves. You want to show your credibility and accomplishments, but don’t want to come across like some narcissistic jerk. It’s also difficult to paint an accurate picture of who you are, and what your business is about, in a concise and intriguing way.

Think about your current about page. If someone has no idea who you are, or what your business is about, would your about page give them the right impression? If you’re thinking your about page leaves a bit to be desired, here are some quick and easy tips to give it new life!

1. Focus On Facts

I bet at some point you have stumbled across someone’s about page that boasts how “innovative” or “cutting edge” they are. Using superfluous adjectives in an attempt to impress a potential customer is just that, superfluous!

Can you think of one single time you read about how superior or stand out some company is, and were actually impressed by the words alone? Probably not.

You want to focus on factual information that builds your business up. This way, it isn’t just you talking about how awesome you think you are. Give the people statistics, testimonials, published reviews, etc. That way it isn’t you saying how great you are, it is just fact.

2. Be Yourself

Don’t try to act fancier or bigger than you really are. More often than not, people respond more favorably to someone they can relate to. Be personable, and let your personality shine through. Essentially, you want to humanize your business.

Think about it this way:

  • There are two people selling snow cones.
  • One guy has a super fancy snow cone cart, looks kind of intimidating, and has a super serious, constipated look on his face.
  • The other guy has a more humble snow cone operation going on, but he’s wearing a Hawaiian shirt, some flip flops, and big old smile!
Who would you rather give your business to? Probably not the guy with no personality, sitting around pretending like his snow cones are bigger and better than everyone else’s.

3. Turn The Focus On Them

This is the about us page, it’s all about ME! Right? Not entirely.

Think about why someone would be interested in your about page. Is it to get to know you better as a person? Probably not. They’re more likely looking to see what “about you” can help them. Most people seek out a product or service because they have a problem that needs solving. Use a tone that speaks to how your product or service can help them.

Think about what people normally want to know about your business, and answer those questions in your about page in a natural, conversational way.

4. Make It Visually Stimulating

Having an awesome design can give people a more positive opinion of you and your company. We’re a visually driven society, and place great value on the way things look. Look around at other about pages and save the ones you like and ask yourself, why am I attracted to this page?

After you narrow down the reasons you’re drawn to it, think about ways to use similar elements on your own page. Feeling inspired is awesome, just make sure you put your own spin on it, and that it’s consistent with your company and branding. It’s YOUR about page, make sure it represents you.

5. Use Real Photographs

No one wants to see “smiling worker stock photo 2” on your about page. It’s pretty easy to spot the difference between a cheesy stock image and a genuine image. Stock photos can be great for certain purposes, but on about pages, they come off as impersonal and insincere.

If you want people to get a good idea about you, your business, and your staff, use real pictures! It is great to be able to give people a behind the scenes look at your company.

6. Peer Review

Have someone that knows you and your business well give your page a look before you publish. It’s good to get a fresh pair of eyes on the content. You should then try to do the same with someone who knows nothing about your business, and see what their perceptions of you and your business are. You can then adjust the content accordingly.

Hopefully those tips will inspire you to take a second look at that about page sitting on your website.

One site that’s really fun to browse for inspiration is Best: About Pages.

Here are some we found to be particularly well thought out:

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