3 Simple Steps: Monitoring Your Facebook Ads

So, you set up some Facebook ads. Now what?

Hopefully at this point you’ve done your due diligence and developed your ads properly. You’ve researched your target audience and made ads that speak to them. You asked, what kind of problems might my customers be facing, and how can I show them I have the solution, right?

If not, turn around and go do your research! Seriously, try to sneak by and I will toss your butt in MARKETING JAIL! It’s for your own good. Promise.


For the rest of you, you’ve developed a rocking ad campaign to capture the attention of your future clients, and have a plan to accomplish your goals. If you aren’t sure what your campaign goal is, please find the rest of the people reading this who turned around during the last paragraph, and join them. OR JAIL!

Okay so REALLY this time, you have a good campaign, and you’re ready to let your ads fly. How do you begin to monitor Facebook ads?

Here are some simple steps to get you started:


You typically want to run at least 3 different variations of an ad. This way you can see which ads perform well, which perform poorly, and adjust accordingly. You don’t want to be wasting money on ads that don’t work!

  • Quick tip – when you edit an ad that isn’t quite measuring up, be sure to only change one aspect (image, title, description) of the ad at a time. This way if the ad suddenly picks up speed, you will know exactly what caused it preform better. That kind of information is gold!

Check On It

You want to be checking on your ads, at a minimum, once or twice a day. It’s worth checking them out on a regular basis so you can make adjustments based on their performance. When an ad isn’t working, pull it. If something is working really well, create a similar ad to spread the success around!

Keep Your Ads Fresh

There’s a natural arch in traffic for Facebook ads. You’ll usually see a good deal of traffic building when you first launch the ads, then it’ll eventually die out. When you hit the tail end of that arch, change out your pictures. People start to get used to seeing a certain image and will start to block it out.

The Gist Of It

Basically, you just need to keep a watchful eye on your ads. This isn’t a “set it and forget it” kind of deal. If you just set them up and let them go, it is almost certain you will end up paying Facebook to run ads that no one is clicking on. So just make sure to watch the performance of your ads. Pull the ones that aren’t getting the job done, and capitalize on the ones that are!

Not sure how to tell if your ad is performing well? Stay tuned next week for easy steps for measuring the success of your Facebook ads!

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