Size Matters! How big is YOUR Email list?

Email list

If you’ve been practicing Internet Marketing for any length of time, you’ve probably heard somebody say, “The money is in the list.” What they’re referring to is of course, your email list. The larger and more responsive yours is, the more money you will ultimately be able to make from it. While this is true in all business, it’s especially true if your business online.

Here are our top 4 reasons for wanting a large, responsive email list:

Traffic On Tap
You can generate traffic to an offer almost instantly. One of the things I love about email marketing is the short feedback time. If we send an email out on Tuesday, the bulk of the responses will be received by Thursday. In the marketing world, where it may take months to measure things like ROI, this turnaround is almost instant. Think about how long it takes to drive business traffic through a magazine ad!

Partnership Possibilities
By yourself, you are only going to be able to grow your business to a certain level. If you want to truly breakthrough, you need partners. A large email list makes your business much more attractive to potential partners. It indicates your influence and can be enticing should you send something to that list on their behalf. A 12 person list isn’t going to get anyone excited about working with you.

Market Research 101
These people are your customers and fans, ask them questions about what types of products and services they want, and then offer those products! The larger your list, the better cross-section of your market you have communication with.

Social Proof
Show off a bit! If you can show that you have a lot of subscribers, people are more likely to join. They feel like if they don’t, they’ll be missing out on something. If you land on a page that says “More than 10,000 members can’t be wrong!” be honest, you’re probably going to check it out.

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