Question #1: What do you think the most important aspect of my project is going to be?

Website Project Questions

This is an interesting question that all businesses should ask of their potential web developer. The answer that you get will tell you two VERY important things.

  1. Are they listening to me? Do they actually answer the question correctly or do they answer another question that they are thinking of such as “What will be the most difficult task?” or “What are the key graphical features of the site?”. The key phrase that we want to stress here is “most important aspect”. Some people may think we are splitting hairs here or strictly dealing with semantics but the ability for you and your website designer to communicate with each other is crucially important. If they didn’t listen to this section what else didn’t they listen to?
  2. Do they understand the purpose of the site. To bring it back to terms I like to use … Do they comprehend my GOAL. The goal of a website is in essence its purpose for being. This is the foundation on which your scope will be created and site will eventually be developed. If the developer doesn’t fully understand your goal(s) for the site – it will never be a success. It can’t be.

When all is said and done don’t be afraid to ask questions. You are paying your developer good money to create your vision and realize your goals. A good developer will understand this and will not mind one bit.

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